The Most Convenient Way Of Charging Your Phone In Your Car!

The Most Convenient Way Of Charging Your Phone In Your Car!

Everyone is afraid of getting the notification that says their battery is low especially in driving, when you depend on it to navigate. If you're unable to move around without having to rely on apps that drain battery, your phone won't last long between charges. It’s a good idea to keep a car charger that is wireless at hand so that you never get to the 10% threshold again.

The  latest wireless charging technology becoming a viable option to replace cable charging. The primary reason to choose wireless charging is its convenience. Wireless charging can be a useful feature, instead of carrying cords, your phone will charge effectively, wirelessly, as soon as you place it onto the pad. So with wireless charger you should not worry about cables, and there's no need for cables to cause your car seats to look messy.

Are you still not convinced? Let's dive deeper into wireless charging's benefits and the changes it could bring to your daily routine.

Benefits of wireless car charging

Pure convenience. If your car comes with wireless charging pad and your phone can be charged wirelessly, that means you do not have to carry cables around in order to recharge your mobile inside your vehicle. It's also more pleasing to store your phone cleanly, without cables scattered across the floor.

The main benefit for wireless charging is the ease to simply put your phone down using one hand to charge and then take it once you're ready to take it on the road. Utilizing a standard cable for charging takes at least two hands, and also a lot of fiddling with, every time you set your phone on the charging pad and when you reach for it to make a phone call or leave. Wireless charging is as easy as placing the phone, or device to a pad for charging and it start charging which allows you to focus on your task immediately.

How does it work?

To charge your phone wirelessly in your car both the phone and the wireless pad should have induction coils which are basically copper wrapped around iron wire. When the coils are close to one another (i.e you place your phone in the wireless charging pad of your car) their proximity allow an electric field to be created that allows the transfer of electricity between one of them (in your charging pad) to the other (in the phone). Induction coils in your phone then transmits that electricity into its battery , and it start charging.

The best wireless charger that you can buy!

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