RK3588 From Rockchip Variants & Their Study

RK3588 From Rockchip Variants & Their Study

Among various industry leading computing solutions, rk3588 from rockchip variants are gaining trending popularity. Geniatech offers ARM-based Android development boards based on Rockchip series such as   RK3588/RK3566/RK3568/RK3399Pro/RK3399/RK3288/RV1126/PX30 etc. These boards are prepared as compact, open-source designs.

These development boards are equipped with high-performance and low power and multi-core processors, that can function for computing AIoT equipment, digital multimedia, and many smarter device applications. Moreover, team Geniatech is working towards producing standard product models that can meet the requirements of market’s most familiar applications, RK 3588 from Rockchip variants is one of its prevalent examples.

This article provides an insight into the prime advantages of the RK 3588 and other variants from the Rockchip products and also describes the procedure to buy your preferred product from the Geniatech computing solutions.

RK3588 Variants You Should Know

Geniatech offers RK 3588 from the Rockchip variant that can meet all your needs, check out this section to learn about the most popular products based on this series.

1.      RK3588 SoM Core Board

The RK3588 SoM Core Board is applicable to various computing devices like intelligent NVR, cloud terminal, information release terminal, industrial control, multimedia advertising machine, IoT gateway, and other important scenarios. It can also be operated to the embedded artificial intelligence department. SOM3588 core board embraces Rockchip RK3588 method, built-in NPU up to 6TOP, quad-core Cortex-A76, and quad-core Cortex-A55. It supports various useful features and inputs such as SDIO3.0 interface, Dual-gigabit adaptive RJ45 Ethernet interface, multiplex display of output, camera, audio, video, and many more.

More Variants Similar To That

1.      RK3568 Industrial Motherboard

RK3-3568 is variant is an competent industrial motherboard designed with the qualities of high performance and stability, It can be useful in many important segments such as business in-line conferencing equipment; online education equipment; video surveillance equipment (codec performance); intelligent buildings, transportation public display equipment; intelligent retail machines; shopping mall and supermarkets display scenes, factory workshop. This industrial single board computer is primarily used for commercial exhibition devices. It adopts integrates dual core architecture GPU, Rockchip 64-bit processor RK3568, and high performance NPU.

Where To Buy?

You can easily get useful facilities of the RK 3588 from Rockchip variants offered by following the simple purchase steps from the Geniatech website. Check out the following steps for the same.

  • First visit the Geniatech official website and select your preferred item from the portal (you can use the search bar for selection).
  • Click on the selected item.
  • Go to the ‘Buy’ option available on the freshly opened page.
  • Add your selection to the cart.
  • Make payment for your purchase.
  • Select the shipping method and provide your address.
  • Your preferred product will be delivered to you on time.


The Geniatech computing solution product and service provider is working continuously to deliver the best computing to meet their customer’s needs. It’s new Rockchip variants are trending worldwide and its availability of many useful features have created a crowd of satisfied consumer for Geniatech solutions. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take a look at the official website of Geniatech to learn more about their latest and upcoming product updates.