Match Your Home Exercise Equipment with Your Personality

Match Your Home Exercise Equipment with Your Personality

One-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to exercise. Everybody knows that what works for Jane may not work for John.

One secret to ensuring you’ll maintain a new exercise regimen is picking the home exercise equipment and workout program that fits your personality.

Introvert vs. Extrovert

Before buying a treadmill for home use, it’s a good idea to go soul-searching and learn which you identify most.

Do you prefer to exercise in peace? Do you dread talking to people beside you when you visit a gym? Are you excited to join group workouts at the gym?

If you love the energy inside an indoor cycling group, you may need more motivation to bike in place at home. If this is the case, there may be better choices than investing in a stationary bike for home use.

On the other hand, if you go straight to your preferred exercise equipment at the gym, stay focused on the task, and go home without mingling with other people, you’re probably an introvert. You’ll be more comfortable using home exercise equipment and enjoy the space all to yourself.

Left Brain vs. Right Brain

According to studies, people with dominant left brains have more logical or linear thinking, while those with dominant right brains have more creative, visual thinking.

When it comes to exercise, left-brain people can easily keep a routine and thrive in programs set by a trainer. Meanwhile, right-brain people would get bored by a linear program and prefer to mix it up.

If your left brain is dominant, investing in home exercise equipment is more practical because you intend to use them for a long time. If your right brain is more dominant, you might prefer to go for a gym membership instead to move from the leg press to the hamstring curl to the lateral pull down to the shoulder press or the group Zumba class in a whim.

Other specific personalities

  1. Love challenges – Someone in this category can enjoy the gym’s fast-paced goals and home exercise equipment combined with workout apps known for contests and challenges.
  2. People-oriented – Someone in this category can thrive in dance-based classes, partner drills, and other group-based exercises.
  3. Safety-conscious – Someone in this category might want to exercise, but safety remains their priority. It wouldn’t be easy for them to switch to new machines or fad workout programs.
  4. Thrive in competition – Someone in this category loves marathons, boot camps, mud runs, and other intense programs like CrossFit and P90X.
  5. Purposeful -Someone in this category has a straightforward plan. If they want to lose weight, they will stick to a machine (like a treadmill, rowing machine, or other home exercise equipment) until the goal is reached.
  6. Need variety – Some people get bored easily. If you can relate, think about the home exercise equipment you plan on buying. Pick a multi-purpose or all-in-one gym so you can switch up the exercise, even if you’re using just one machine.

So which personality do you see yourself in? Of course, you can also identify as an introvert and extrovert or as someone with a dominant right brain on some days and a dominant left brain on others. Consistency will determine if your chosen workout program or equipment is adequate.